Public Meeting – 31st January 2017

Hello! You are invited to attend a public meeting about the proposed multi-academy trust on Tuesday 31st January at the West Midlands Travel Sports Club in Kings Heath at 7 p.m. Governors, staff, parents (and prospective parents), teaching union representatives, MPs, councillors and other community members have been invited. A representative of the STEP schools … Continue reading Public Meeting – 31st January 2017


Martin Straker Welds – Letter

Please see below Correspondence from Martin Straker Welds -   School Collaborations and Partnerships   I asked Colin Diamond, Executive Director (Education) for an aide-memoire that addresses the following 11 key questions about academy conversions. He has produced a measured response that attempts to separate myth form reality through a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS). … Continue reading Martin Straker Welds – Letter

Pilot to return teachers to classroom failed to fill physics spaces | Schools Week

A Freedom of Information request found only three of 53 lead schools in the pilot took on 20 or more returner teachers - despite funding for up to 40 teachers being available. Source: Pilot to return teachers to classroom failed to fill physics spaces | Schools Week

Queensbridge – Response from Govenors

We have received the following response from the Queensbridge Governors regarding our concerns and request for consultation over the Proposed STEP MAT. I direct this response to the collective of parents on whose behalf you wrote. May I trust that you can circulate this, as we do not hold details for all of them at … Continue reading Queensbridge – Response from Govenors

Letter to Staff at Kings Heath Boys

One of our team has recently sent the attached letter to staff at Kings Heath Boys School Hi, I am one of many parents in the local area who are concerned about the proposed formation of a multi-academy trust in Kings Heath and Moseley. Many staff are also worried about the proposals, but I appreciate that i

QueensBridge – Update on MAT

Queensbridge has included the following statement in their end of year letter Multi – Academy Trust We wrote to you in November to inform you that governors were considering joining a MAT with other local schools. In their meeting on Monday this week they discussed this at length and unanimously voted to start a formal … Continue reading QueensBridge – Update on MAT

Birmingham: Academies as % of all Schools

Here is an extract of that post which centres on the perception that the LA is close to being closed down as most schools are academies. However the truth is - 75% of schools are still LEA controlled and monitored.

Academy News – Bristol Small MAT fights Big MAT Takeover

This is a link to details of a defence against the takeover of a small trust by by a bigger multi-national so called "Trust". Forming a MAT from of our local schools will not be the end of the story, it is the potential for issues such as this that concern the group.

Wheelers Lane Primary School – Letter from School 2016-12-14

Parents have today received a letter from Wheelers Lane Primary School's Governors stating that they have unanimously agreed not to trigger the formal consultation.

Small Trusts will need to Expand, says national schools commissioners | Schools Week

Article regarding the National Schools Commissioner's views on the future of Academies