If you share our concerns and are interested in helping/joining the group there are several options-

Follow this Blog to be kept up to date, by signing up to receive email updates, or if you also use word press using the follow option (to the left).

If you are more modern than most of us follow us on twitter @KHasktheparents, there is a button to help you do this at the bottom of all page.  This way you will be kept informed regarding activities we are involved with and new information we find.

Sign the petition, each time this is signed the schools and governors are informed, this will help inform them of the level of concern.  Change.com


Join our Facebook group to discuss your concerns with others, there is a button on the bottom of this Blog to help you do this. Facebook Group. It is a closed group to stop unnecessary spam.

Share our posts on your Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, pintrest etc. again the buttons at the bottom should help you do this.

Please complete our POLL of interested parties – so that we understand who is interested.

Print off at home some of our leaflets and share them with friends and family



Or if you are not IT literate but still would like a poster to share keep your eye out for us handing out flyers and ask.


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