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The Schools Proposal and why we are concerned

This site has been created by a group of concerned current, future ,past parents and teachers who initially started discussing the potential concerns surrounding the proposed Multi Academy Trust (MAT) for Kings Heath late November 2016.

The group was initially 8-12 friends with a shared interest, over the course of 1 weekend it grew to nearly 400 concerned individuals.

The original Facebook groups Bio was

“A place for parents and school staff to share their concerns about the proposed MAT between schools in Kings Heath/Moseley. Feel free to ask questions, share advice, experience etc. Positive and negative experiences welcome. We just want the facts, so we can feel fully informed throughout the process.”

As such on Thursday the 24th November a public meeting was held, where nearly 40 of the individuals gathered and agreed to work together to gather and share information on the proposed MAT, and to work to ensure parents at all effected schools were informed and that the process was the correct one for the schools involved.

At this meeting the group was supported by people who had been involved with the “Colmore Ask The Parents” group which had been involved in a similar process earlier in the year.  The outcome of that groups involvement was that after review the governors of the school chose not to proceed with the Academisation of the school.

On the 26th and 27th of November members of the group were out and about on Kings Heath high street distributing leaflets to raise awareness of the proposals and to connect with parents and concerned members of the community who may otherwise be unaware.



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