Collected here are FAQ’s and responses.

This will continue to be updated and refreshed. If you have a question about this subject that you’d like us to try and find an answer to, please leave a comment and we will see if we can find a definitive answer,

Question:   Whats the Difference between Converter Academies and Sponsored Academies?

Answer:  A Converter Academy is a school which has Good or excellent ofsted reports and has chosen to become an Academy.

A Sponsored Academy is a school which has poor Ofsted reports and has been forced to become an Academy due to poor performance.

The Kings Heath schools are proposing to become Converter Academies.

Question:   At what point in the process are the schools currently?

Answer:  The letter sent by the schools suggests that they have not yet formally registered interest with the Department For Education in becoming Academies, which is the first formal step of the process.  We have raised Freedom on information requests with the relevant Governors to confirm this.


Other FAQ’s regarding Academy’s

faq-academy-trusts.pdf – FAQ’s from Houses of Parliament compiled for MPs – FAQ’s from National Law Firm Specializing in Education Law – FAQ’s from Law Firm with offices in the Midlands who advise on Education Law. – FAQ’s from Accountancy Firm Specializing in Finance for Academies – FAQ’s from a Cumbrian School also facing becoming an Academy – FAQ’s regarding Academy’s from the NAS UWT Union. – FAQ’s from New Schools Network a Pro Independent Education Charity – FAQ’s Joint Union Document from April 2011 – These may now not be accurate as there have been changes in the law. – FAQ’s from an Academy Trust which provides services to other Academies – Existing Multi Academy Trust set up in 2012


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