The Estimate Cost of Academy Trusts – Opinion

Based of the figures published in the Dry Run Report for year ending 30/08/2015 covering the entire Academy estate, the following can be identified.

  • Academy organisations add approximately 2% to the total income – contributing £324M on top of all other incomes
  • However Academy organisations remove approx. 5% out of the budget – charging £768M to the schools they run.
  • Thus each year they are removing an additional £ 444M from schools funding which could be better spent else where.
  • On top of this the document shows that there is an estimated net £48M being transferred from school budgets to organisations related to the Academy Groups.

Now we are not saying or suggesting that all of this money is being miss- spent, nor can we from the information provide/available make such a comment.  However this does highlight nearly £1/2 Billion of educational expenditure that is going directly to Academy Groups and their related organisations, considering the comments made recently by the Education Select Committee regarding the oversight of these organisations both Financially and Academically this is a potential concern.

The Academy Groups are not involved in Education to help/improve education they are involved to make money.  With the proposed transfer of the Kings Heath and Moseley schools to a MAT, there is a greater chance they will eventually come under the control of one of these organisations.  Currently all the schools are Good or Outstanding and there is no requirement for them to become Academies, so long as the Management of the schools continue to maintain standards they will not be forced to become Academies, none of the reasons given by the schools for wishing to become Academies cannot be achieved in their current situation.

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