Birmingham: Academies as % of all Schools

One of our Team recently posted, on our facebook group, a very eloquent update on the concerns regarding academies.

Here is an extract of that post which centres on the perception that the LA is close to being closed down as most schools are academies. However the truth is –  75% of schools are still LEA controlled and monitored Updated 2016-12-16 to remove closed schools from figures – 61% of schools are still LEA controlled and monitored

At the end of this post there is a link to a summary of the Raw data, and a link to the Raw data used for this analysis

There seems to be a view among some people that academisation is inevitable. In the face of significant opposition, the government stepped back from its policy of forced academisation, and I understand that other models of collaboration could allow the stated benefits without opening up the risks. Analysis of Department for Education data shows that 15% of Birmingham’s primary and secondary schools are sponsor led academies, with 17% of primary schools and 39% of secondary schools converter academies (who converted voluntarily) or free schools. This means that the majority of Birmingham’s schools are NOT academies (68% of primary schools and 32% of secondary schools).

Don’t let’s simply accept that the proposed MAT is the best option for our schools, staff and pupils without asking incisive questions of our schools’ leadership and governing bodies….

Facebook Group containing Source Post – this is on a closed Facebook group and as such to read it you will need to request to join the group

as-the-holidays-approach-2016-12-14 – PDF copy of post

Updated Analysis to correct figures

bcc-summay-2016-12-13– Excel Summary for Birmingham City Council Schools.

bcc-summay-2016-12-13-updated Excel Summary for Birmingham City Council Schools.

EDUBase All Data Download – The data source, we used the data available on the 13/12/2015 – Source site for the Data.


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