Small Trusts will need to Expand, says national schools commissioners | Schools Week

Article regarding the National Schools Commissioner’s views on the future of Academies

About 1,000 new multi-academy trusts will be created by 2020 with smaller chains having to grow to accommodate more schools, Sir David Carter (pictured above) warned as he explained his plans to carry out a “health check” of trusts before they could expand.

The national schools commissioner, who told ASCL delegates that the growth of the academies programme would need to be managed, outlined proposals for a four-tier hierarchy of trusts ranging from those with up to five schools to “system leaders” with 30 or more.

Speaking at a seminar, he said the plan was partly based on lessons learned from the past. “We do have examples of trusts that have grown too fast,” he said. “My challenge is we are probably going to need some of our trusts to grow again. The three to six-academy trusts will struggle to be sustainable. We need them to grow, to 10, to 15, to 20.”

Sir David also described a shift in the nature of free school applications, hinting at an increase in bids to open alternative provision (AP) free schools in wave 11, which closed last week.

Source: 1,000 new multi-academy trusts needed by 2020, says national schools commissioners | Schools Week

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