Wheelers Lane Technology College – Response from Governors

One of our team has received the following response to our concerns from the Wheeler’s Lane Technology College Governors.

Thank you for your email and I can confirm this has been shared with our governing body at last night’s meeting.

The governors have taken on board your concerns and at this point we are going to obtain further information along with discussions / consultation with the parents and staff before a finally decision is made.  As I’m sure you can appreciate this will not be a quick process therefore once the information has been obtained it will be shared to all stakeholders.

The governors will meet again during the Spring Term once we have obtained all the necessary information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions

Kind regards

Donna Poole

Clerk to the Governing Body

Wheelers Lane Technology College, Wheelers Lane, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B13 0SF

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