Response from Kings Heath Primary School following Parent Meeting

We received a communication on 2 December following the meeting which stated the following:

Parent Meeting   01.12.2016 – Proposed Multi-Academy Trust.

Thank you for all of the comments, views, support and challenges which came out of yesterday’s meeting. The school leadership remain genuinely committed to dialogue on this issue. Please let us have your views / suggestions by email MATfe… or in writing (envelopes clearly marked ‘MAT feedback’). The deadline for these is 12 noon on Friday 16th December. The Governors and the school leadership will read ALL feedback prior to decision making about moving to formal consultation.

It is important to note that should we move to formal consultation it would still not mean it is a ‘done deal’. This would be the stage at which we would look at specifics, identify workable models and have the support of consultants to help us explore issues of costs and savings. The decision to move into any such arrangement would only be made if the benefits for our school were clearly identifiable and in full consultation with our staff and parent community.

Please also use the email if you would like to be kept informed about the proposed parent action group. The action group was suggested to us by parents following the letter of 18.11.2016, as a way of supporting the school through;

1. Lobbying/campaigning to ensure that councillors, MPs etc. have a clear understanding of the effect current funding is having on local schools, along with a mandate to represent and seek to act to improve the situation.

2. Large scale fund raising through bids, partnership with business, innovative ways of diversifying school activity or use of premises to bring in more money. 

We will do whatever we can to support and facilitate the work. It could make a very real difference so do please get in touch if you want to be involved – especially if you would be able to co-ordinate an initial meeting!


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