So what is the “Birmingham Education Partnership”?

Since we started our involvement regarding the Proposal an organisation keeps cropping up .. it is the “Birmingham Education Partnership” ..  So who and what exactly is this..

According to its web site

Birmingham Education Partnership’s Mission

Our mission is to secure a deeply good academic, social and civic education for every child and young person living in Birmingham.

  1. Birmingham Education Partnership will achieve this by creating a robust and ambitious school led system of continuous improvement, informed by intelligent use of relevant data, and building on the many existing strong networks amongst Birmingham schools and school leadership.

  2. Central to this approach is ensuring every school is part of a family of schools, and that there is good local and city wide knowledge.

  3. Birmingham Education Partnership will develop partnerships with employers, universitiesand all those committed to ensuring Birmingham’s children and young people receive the qualifications and skills they need, to become active, contributing and positive citizens.

  4. Birmingham Education Partnership recognise that a great system such as this requires great people, so will ensure serious and challenging professional development at all levels.

  5. Birmingham Education Partnership recognise also that effective learning systems are open and responsive so will learn from and share the best national and international developments.

  6. Above all Birmingham Education Partnership will ensure that no school, Headteacher or governing body feels unsafe or unsupported in this continuing journey of school and system improvement.

  7. Birmingham Education Partnership recognises that reduced school funding is becoming an increasingly significant challenge for schools to improve and to allocate capacity to collaborate, will support collaboration to drive financial efficiencies and so fulfil its mission.

So by its own Mission it is not just for failing schools, it is for all schools..

Follow the link below for more information on their web site

FAQ’s regarding Birmingham Education Partnership

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