Response from Martin Straker Weld – 2

One of the team has received the following message from Martin Straker Weld, one of the labour councillors for Kings Heath and Moseley
Thanks for our message. I was personally responsible some time ago for negotiating some additional funds with the then cabinet member and KH school governors to support their inclusive commitment to children whose parents wanted them educated in mainstream schools.
I do understand the confusion created by the Cameron government’s White Paper. A commitment to reduce school budgets, coupled with the promise of forced academisation by 2020 is threatening. The avowed intention was to convert all schools into academies, thereby dismantling local authorities.
Although the present government has abandoned this threat, I assume that the prospect still lingers large in the consciousness of some governors. However, I am not  aware that any further money would be forthcoming from the government. LA funds, are as you know, are being cut year on year by the government and any discretionary funds are, in any case, negotiated through the Schools Forum.
With best wishes and many thanks for sharing your spirited initiative
Martin Straker Weld
Labour Councillor for Moseley & Kings Heath
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