NUT – 10 Reason Supporting a MAT is Risky

Document from the NUT outlining their concerns with the move of Schools to Academies and MATs.


10 reasons why supporting a MAT means supporting the break up of education. From the NUT.

1.There are no educational advantages to Multi Academy Trusts
2.MATs threaten the break up of comprehensive education
3.Encouraging MATs risks all schools being forced into academies
4.Encouraging MATs doesn’t avoid budget cuts, it makes things worse
5.The ‘jump before we are pushed’ argument doesn’t hold water
6.MATs leave parents and communities without a say in education
7.Schools need to work in partnership but MATs don’t provide it
8.Encouraging MATs ignores the real priorities like teacher shortages
9.Councils should not have to rely on MATs for new school places
10.Encouraging MATs will alienate parents and school staff

The full document outlines their reasoning further – 10 reasons mats 0806

Original Source – 10+reasons+MATs+0806.pdf


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