School Cuts

See how the changes to education funding are affecting your school.

Kings Heath Primary -£296,516 (-£474 per pupil, – 7 teachers)
Wheelers Lane Primary -£319,503 (-£509 per pupil, – 8 teachers)
Park Hill Primary -£375,765 (-£684 per pupil, -10 teachers)
Swanshurst Secondary -£729,044 (-£489 per pupil, -19 teachers)
Queensbridge School -£678,450 (-£903 per pupil, -18 teachers)
Wheelers Lane Tech -£415,195 (£667 per pupil, -11 teachers)
Kings Heath Boys -£524,270 (-£1006 per pupil, -14 teachers)

We can’t verify that this is absolutely accurate but we believe it’s pretty much there. These are the figures that the schools in the proposed MAT are due to lose up to 2020 because of the swingeing cuts.

This does not mean that they’ve started off with a clean slate and aren’t already in debt because of the recent cuts, but this is how much worse it’s supposed to get.

So on top of already existing debt, this is how much they’re likely to lose under the new cuts, by 2020. And since the budgets have to balance in order not to risk being taken over by a chain academy, the situation is clearly very serious.

We are trying to find collaborative information for this but we think these are the kind of figures we’re looking at NOT including current debt

Source: School Cuts


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