Proposed Petition to show support

This is going to be put up on

We are getting translations done of this to enable easier communication.

“State schools are accountable to parents, the local community and to local authorities. When schools become academies that accountability shifts to a trust and to accountants, away from parents and the community. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of schools has concerns over education provided in academies and so do we.

Central Government’s drive to turn our schools into academies ignores the evidence from the HMCI, from the Education Select Committee and from the Sutton Trust’s own Chain Effects report, which clearly demonstrates that academy status not only does not result in higher attainment but that many chains are badly failing their pupils, particularly their disadvantaged pupils. Academisation is rooted in the ideology that the private sector is always best, rather than in any concern for our children’s best interests.

Once a group of schools becomes a MAT, individual schools cease to have a legal identity, becoming instead parts of the Academy Trust, without autonomy. No matter the good intentions of the current leadership, a MAT is not future-proof.

Until recently, the Government’s plan was for all schools to become academies. This is no longer the case and there is now no pressing need for schools to jump before they are pushed.

The main concern stressed by all schools is a financial one. Becoming an academy will not bring more money to schools; it will simply enable the Board to decide where cuts and saving should be made. Academisation will not solve our financial problems. We feel strongly that this is not the answer and that the Local Authority should take responsibility for its schools rather than handing them over to private bodies with limited accountability.

Finance should not come before our children’s education. We do not wish for our schools to become academies; we demand instead  that Kings Heath’s schools remain public, democratically controlled institutions, accountable to the LA.”


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